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B Elle Skincare Hydrating & Firming Moisturizer

B Elle Skincare Hydrating & Firming Moisturizer

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B Elle Skincare Hydrating & Firming Moisturizer 

w/ Niacinamide & Squalane is a smooth, rich and delicate cream. Its purpose is to reduce the appearance of blemishes, tone, plump, firm and hydrate without oiliness. 

Squalane: Boosts hydration, makes skin more vibrant and fights skin damage. Niacinamide: visibly brightens skin. Tripeptides: Deeply penetrate skin, collagen-building and provides excellent skin firming properties. Grape Seed Extract: Gives a visibly younger appearance, tones and restores. Goji Berry Extract: Stimulates blood flow for a plump look.

Directions: A little goes a long way. Place pea -size amount onto fingers. Warm up with palm and apply all over face and neck area (use more if needed). Use in the morning and evening.


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