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B. Elle Skincare Skin Balancing Cleanser

B. Elle Skincare Skin Balancing Cleanser

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B. Elle Skincare Skin Balancing Cleanser is packed with mega-moisture and rejuvenating properties. This dense and creamy lather feels delicate on the skin. Formulated to even out skin tone. This cleanser takes the place of Active Cleanser. 


Use twice daily, before bed and in the morning. Squeeze a dime size amount onto palms. Using lukewarm water, work formula onto face creating a rich lather. Apply to entire face and neck area avoiding eyes and mouth. Rinse thoroughly and make sure skin is damp for the next steps. 

Rose Water: Tones, softens the skin and has anti-aging properties. Ginger Root Extract/Hibiscus Extract/Gingko Biloba: Anti-aging and improves uneven skin tone. 


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